ALP ASP Object model
ScriptGen content generator defines for ASP and RAW scripts an object model. Therefore each ASP page (or a RAW script) may refer to each of these objects and their members at any time. The purpose of the objects is to provide the ASP page with access to the "outer world". Thus Request object packs the input (the request) - form fields filled by the user, query string parameters defined by a link on a page and so on. The Response object gives the ASP page access to the output, through it the page generates the response which will be shown in the browser after the page finishes. The Server object provides access to the ALP run-time library and 3-d party objects.
  • Request - Contains current request - query line, form post, environment information values
  • Response - Contains methods and properties related to the output
  • Server - Contains utility methods - conversion/encoding and object creation
  • Session and Application - objects that have extended life scope. Used to pass data between the requests.

Aside of these built-in object you can always create through a call to Server.CreateObject or using <OBJECT RUNAT=SERVER ... ></OBJECT> the objects from the ALP run-time library:

ALP Run-time library (AXPack1 family)
AXPack1 core (newobjectspack1.dll) Streams, Files, File system 
, newObjects.utilctls.SFDrive, newObjects.utilctls.SFStream ,newObjects.binsrv.DirStorage, newObjects.utilctls.SFRecord, newObjects.utilctls.ShellLink, newObjects.utilctls.SFStorage, newObjects.utilctls.IniFile ,newObjects.utilctls.SFField, newObjects.binsrv.FileStream, newObjects.utilctls.SFFilter
Dictionary, collections, arrays
newobjects.utilctls.VarDictionary, newobjects.utilctls.StringList
Custom script hosting
newObjects.utilctls.ScpAggregate, newObjects.utilctls.ScriptManager
Structured data transfer, store, read
String formatting
Threads and synchronization
newObjects.utilctls.COMScriptThread , newObjects.utilctls.CustomLock , newObjects.utilctls.Pack1Creator , newObjects.utilctls.Event , newObjects.utilctls.Mutex , newObjects.utilctls.Semaphore , newObjects.utilctls.COMSleeper
Binary data and conversions
newObjects.utilctls.SFBinaryData , newObjects.utilctls.TypeConvertor
Composite objects
newObjects.utilctls.VaryDisp , newObjects.utilctls.VaryDispCreator
Advanced COM
newObjects.utilctls.COMApartment , newObjects.utilctls.COMThread
NetStreams (NetStreams.DLL) TCP/IP and IRDA communications , , , , ,
SQLite COM (SQLITECOMUTF8.DLL) SQL database engine


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