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SFStream wraps the IStream COM interface for usage in scripting applications (such as ASP pages). Through its methods and properties any scripting application can access normal files (implemented in this library), streams in OLE compound files (implemented in this library) and any other synchronous IStream implementation. The object features include positioning in the stream if it is seekable (file and streams in OLE compound files are seekable), access to the stream as binary or text stream (ANSI and UNICODE) with ability to change the object behaviour dynamically.

Through this object scripting applications are able to perform typical file access operations over any file-like stream. Thus it provides a set of features common for all the file-like objects. After opening/creating the stream scripting application is able to perform its tasks in the same manner - no matter if the stream represents a file, memory stream (buffer) or part of OLE compound file. Using external components the same tasks, without need to change the code, can be performed over any other file-like (or stream like) object (for example network resource or communication port). The only difference between the different cases will be the way the stream is created or obtained. For example a file can be opened using the SFMain.OpenFile method or memory stream can be created using the SFMain.CreateMemoryStream method.


Size Size of the stream (available for files, streams in OLE compound files, memory streams)
Pos Position in the stream (in bytes)
textLineSeparator Text line separator (defaults to the windows standard)
unicodeText Text access as UNICODE (True) or ANSI (False). Default is ANSI
codePage If unicodeText is False this specifies the code page used for text conversion. 
EOS Becomes True if the end of stream is reached
maxTextBuff Maximum buffer size for the text lines. 
stats Gets the stream information (name, size, times etc.)
elementType returns 2
ReadBin Reads binary data and returns it as safearray of bytes packed in a variant.
WriteBin Writes binary data
Seek Changes/obtains the current position in the stream.
Clone Duplicates the object.
CopyTo Copies from this stream to another.
ReadText Reads text from the stream (line, specified number of characters or the entire stream)
WriteText Writes text to the stream.
Close Releases/closes the stream.
SetStream For advanced usage - binds the object to an external streams not implemented in this library.
Find Binary search through the stream beginning from the current position.
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