Storages & Files Close
Close method

Releases the stream attached to the object.






Dim sf,strm,bin
Set sf = Server.CreateObject("newObjects.utilctls.SFMain")
Set strm = sf.OpenFile("c:\myfile.bin")
bin = strm.ReadBin(100)


The actual close operation occurs when the last instance of the attached stream is released. If you are using the SFMain object's and SFStorage object's methods to open files and streams call to the Close method will actually close the stream, but if you have created the low level stream object yourself the stream will close when the last instance of that object is released or if it supports a closing method itself and you called the method. The file streams and OLE compound files are implemented in this library and you may create/open them using the corresponding methods of SFMain and SFStorage objects without need to deal with the low level stream objects. See SetStream method for more details on usage of custom 3-d party stream objects.

Applies to: SFStream object

See also: SetStream, SFMain, SFStorage

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