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SetStream method

This method is for advanced usage only. It is used when the SFStream object has been created directly by calling Server.CreateObject("newObjects.utilctls.SFStream") for example. In this case the SFStream will not be attached automatically to any real stream resource and the application can attach it by using this method. After attaching the object it can be used as in all the other cases.




streamObject - Any COM object which supports the standard COM IStream interface.


This allows the application to use the benefits of SFStream object over any COM object that supports the standard stream features. The method is intended for use mostly with external objects but can be used of course with the low level objects in this library - SFFileStream. However there is more convenient way to open normal files using the SFMain object and the above technique is not needed for them.

What about the external streams? It is not typical for the scripting applications to use low level streams obtained from other applications or objects. With SFStream object this is possible - if you have an object/application that can be queried for a stream you can use that stream even if there is no automation support for it supplied by the other application/object. You just need to create a SFStream object and attach it to the obtained stream object. You can expect such features from applications/objects in areas like networking, archiving, encoding etc. We will be grateful for any information concerning such objects - a short list in this page may be of great help for the developers. If you are developing such application or just know about it - please write us.

Applies to: SFStream object

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