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unicodeText read/write property

Set/get UNICODE text manipulation option for the stream. This property "tells" the SFStream object how to read/write texts.


object.unicodeText = boolean_value
variable = object.unicodeText

If the property is True all the text methods will use UNICODE when reading or writing from/to the stream. If False (default) the texts will be converted to ANSI using the code page specified by the codePage property


' assume strm is a SFStream object
strm.unicodeText = True
uStr = strm.ReadText(-3)
strm.unicodeText = False
aStr = strm.ReadText(-3)
' Suppose the file contains an UNICODE line
' of text and then ANSI text - there is how it
' can be read.  



Applies to: SFStream object

See also: codePage

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