Advanced COM Pack1Creator object
ProgID-s and ClassID 

This object plays many roles. It can be used just to provide features not available in the script language or the host (IIS, ALP etc.) or it can be used as creator under some special conditions (see COMApartment) where the objects should be created in certain context.

Extended creation features

The Pack1Creator supports the following ways to create COM objects:

  • Normal COM mechanisms
  • Directly from a given DLL (bypassing the registry entries)
  • Create composite objects from definition files
  • Using short aliases for the objects supported by newobjectspack1.dll
  • If nothing else helps and class ID is passed direct DLL creation will be attempted on the own DLL.

What are the benefits of this? Standard COM techniques de facto require COM DLL to be registered in the system registry. Although there are some API functions intended to bypass this they are not accessible for the scripting applications nor they support enough alternative techniques. On contrary Pack1Creator allows the applications to create an instance of a COM class by specifying a DLL and ClassID of a class implemented in it, alias of the classes implemented in the ActiveX pack1 DLL etc. These features can be extremely useful for autorun applications which will try to avoid temporary or permanent registration of any COM components on the user's system. For more detailed description of the supported features see CreateObject method.

The object is also used by the COMApartment object to allow the application create objects in the created apartment and not in the main COM apartment where application runs. This is the only guaranteed solution when multi-threaded applications are built. 

Name Description
CreateObject Creates a COM object
CreateObjectFromDLL Creates a COM object directly from a DLL
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