Advanced COM COMThread object
ProgID-s and ClassID 

This object implements a thread with COM support that can be used by scripting and non-scripting applications to execute methods of other objects in separate thread.

The typical scripting languages do not support threads - they are working in one thread only. This object breakes the limitations and allows ASP pages, WSH scripts and many other scripts to execute other scripts or other objects in a parallel thread while they are doing something else.

Usage of this object requires a little knowledge about the COM apartments and threads. A sample on how to use it can be found in the overview of the COMApartment object. The requirement comes from the fact that COM helps the scripts and the other objects to synchronize themselves and in fact disallows parallel processing in order to make it impossible for the developer to make a mistake. So we need to be able to create objects and threads in separate environment and this involves the COMApartment object in the applications where COMThread will be used.

Name Description
Activate Starts the internal thread
Active Indicates if the thread is active and ready to execute calls
Busy  Indicates if the thread is currently executing a call
Deactivate  Stops the internal thread
Execute  Executes a method over an object
MultiThreaded  Sets/gets the COM threading model in the thread
Priority  Sets/gets the thread priority
Result  Contains the returned value from the last call (if any value is returned)
Success  Indicates if the last call has been successful or not
Terminate  Terminates the thread immediately
Timeout  Sets/gets the timeout for internal synchronizations
Wait  Waits the current call to complete.
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