Utility components UtilStringList class
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Implements collection and unnamed strings.


prop_r.GIF (130 bytes) Item - default, indexed property - retrieves an item from the collection.

prop_r.GIF (130 bytes) Count - returns the items count.

prop_r.GIF (130 bytes) _NewEnum - returns IEnumVariant interface. Standard property required to implement collection enumeration - never referred directly in the scripts.

Missing - (added in version Specifies the value to be returned by the Item property if the indexed item doesn't exist.


method.gif (107 bytes) Add - Adds new item to the collection.

method.gif (107 bytes) Clear - Removes all items from the collection.

method.gif (107 bytes) Remove - Removes item specified from the collection


This collection may contain only strings. All passed to the add method variants are explicitly converted to VT_BSTR type.

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