Utility components Missing property
Read/write property - specifies the value to be returned by the Item property if the indexed item does not exist or if the collection is empty.
(added in version


variable = object.Missing
object.Missing = variable

IDL definition:

[propget, id(6), helpstring("property Missing")] HRESULT Missing([out, retval] VARIANT *pVal);
[propput, id(6), helpstring("property Missing")] HRESULT Missing([in] VARIANT newVal);


object - Previously created UtilStringList object

variable - variable that receives/contains the the value


If not set empty variant is used. Warning versions of the newobjectcollections prior to return always empty string (variant of type VT_BSTR). That behavior caused a little incompatibility of ALP with ASP and is changed. 


strlist.Missing = "(empty)"

Applies to: UtilStringList

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