ALP Response object
Response object provided for the ASP compatible pages contains methods and properties related to the generated response/content by the script. Some of the members of the Response object have no meaning for ALP because it runs on the desktop. 

Buffering notes: ALP always buffers the output thus all members related to buffering are dummy. 


prop_w.GIF (123 bytes) ContentType - Allows the script to specify the content type of the output

prop_rw.gif (218 bytes) Buffer - ALP buffers the output always. Property is implemented as a stub in order to supply compatibility with the classic ASP only.

prop_rw.gif (218 bytes) Status - Dummy implementation see Buffer

prop_rw.gif (218 bytes) Expires and ExpiresAbsolute - Dummy implementation see Buffer

IsClientConnected - Always returns true

Cookies - not supported, see the comments in the Request object's description


method.gif (107 bytes) Clear - Clears the output made up to the current point of execution.

method.gif (107 bytes) End - Discards all output made after calling this method and completes the response.

method.gif (107 bytes) Write - Writes a string to the output buffer that is sent to the browser.

method.gif (107 bytes) AddHeader - Adds a header to the output. In the version 1.0 of the ALP there are no meaningful headers that can be set. For compatibility reasons any header can be set.

method.gif (107 bytes) Flush  - Dummy implementation. ALP always uses buffering - method was added for classic ASP compatibility.

method.gif (107 bytes) BinaryWrite - Writes binary data to the output without string conversion.

method.gif (107 bytes) Redirect - Redirects the browser to another page/URL

method.gif (107 bytes) AppendtoLog  - (ALP version 1.1 and later) writes a string to the log. The ALP log file is created in the root directory of the site and is named alplog.txt..



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