ALP Response.AddHeader method
Adds a custom header to the output.


Response.AddHeader header_name, header_value


header_name - The name of the header (see the remarks section for the supported headers in ALP)

header_value - The content of the header. Some headers may allow empty content.



<% Response.AddHeader ("Content-Disposition", "attachment") %>


<% Response.AddHeader "Content-Disposition", "attachment" %>


The Content-Type header is more conveniently supported through the ContentType property and there is no need to set it the hard way.

ALP supports only the following headers:

Content-disposition - Specifies how the response will be handled. May force the browser to initiate download and save it under the specified name.
Value syntax:
attachment - forces download, inline - forces the browser to open the content inline if possible (default)
<filename> - you can specify the file name under which the download should be saved (makes sense only with attachment).
The general Content-Disposition syntax allows other elements which are not relevant to usage in normal scenarios.

ALPHeader-ResetSafeEntrance - An ALP specific header. It resets the status of the safe-entrance feature for the current directory (Unattended execution protection). See also the ALP Settings shell extension for the ALP directory settings. This is useful for security sensitive applications that want to lock the access to the application to the default documents only. The page must be in a directory that has (or inherits) the unattended execution flag set. This flag forces ALP to issue error if the first page referred in this directory is not one of the default documents. When a default document is referred once the directory is unlocked and all the pages can be executed. This header allows a page to put the lock back. The feature is useful for applications that want to protect themselves against attacks based on pre-composed URL that may invoke an ASP page with potentially dangerous parameters.

ALP recognizes a number of other headers, but none of them has effect in the current ALP version. The asynchronous pluggable protocols architecture limits the possible headers for non-HTTP protocols.

Applies to: Response object

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