Storages & Files SFDirStorage object
See also object creation information - ClassID/ProgID

This object should not be used directly if possible. It implements the IStorage interface for file system directories. Applications written in C++, VB or Delphi could use it if they need to treat the directories as OLE storages. Scripting applications (such as ASP, ALP or WSH applications) should not create it directly. SFMain object should be used to obtain a SFStorage object for a directory. A SFDirStorage object will be automatically created and attached.


Path Returns the path of the directory
CreateDirectory Initializes newly created object. Creates the directory.
OpenDirectory Initializes newly created object. Creates an existing directory.
Close Closes the object. It can be reinitialized later.

Supported on:

Windows 95/NT and later
Windows CE 3.0 and later
Pocket PC/Windows Mobile 2003 and later
Windows CE.NET 4 and later


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