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Component reference

Overview and ClassID/ProgID needed to create the component

Reference information about the component includes description of the methods of the component and description of the C++ helper classes. 

ScriptManager2 methods and properties
pixel.gif (49 bytes) Namespaces collection methods and properties
pixel.gif (49 bytes) Method Add Add items to the collection
new Method AddEx Add items to the collection with extended options
pixel.gif (49 bytes) Method Clear Clear collection
pixel.gif (49 bytes) read only property Count Count of items in the collection
read only property Item (default) Get an item from the collection
read only property Key Get a key for the item in the collection
new read only property Option Get options of an item
Method Remove Remove an item from the collection

_NewEnum property of the collection returns an enumerator of the currently contained items. It enumerates the Keys not Items. Thus code that uses it enumerates the names and if it needs the corresponding item it uses Item property to obtain the item:

Dim I
I = 0
For K In ScpMan
WScript.Echo "Item name [" & I & "] is: " & K
I = I + 1

Script control methods and properties
Method AddEventHandler Adds event handling script code
Method AddText Adds script code
new Method AddTextEx Adds script code with additional options
Method Close Completely uninitializes the component
Method Connect Connects the script engine to the named items - in order to sink events
read only property lastError Returns error description
new read only property lastErrorEx Returns last script error in a collection of named values.
read only property locked Determines the script state
new Method IsDefined Checks if routine/variable is defined/declared in the running script
read only property script Provides access to the global functions/subs and global data members of the running script
read only property versionString Returns string that can be used by the host that wants to know the component version
Method LoadEngine Initializes the object with a specified script engine
Method Run Starts the loaded script
new Method Eval Evaluates a script expression in the context of the running script and returns the result
Method Stop Stops the running script
Typical order of methods usage:

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