ALP Server object
Server object is accessible for the scripts executed by the ScripgGen content generator - raw and ASP-like. It provides mostly utility functions.


prop_rw.gif (218 bytes) ScriptTimeout - dummy implementation only for compatibility with ASP. Instead use configuration option Timeout in the alp.application files


method.gif (107 bytes) CreateObject - Creates an instance of a component

method.gif (107 bytes) HTMLEncode - Encodes a string using HTML encoding

method.gif (107 bytes) URLEncode - Encodes a string using URL encoding

method.gif (107 bytes) MapPath - maps a virtual path absolute or relative to a local path.

method.gif (107 bytes) Execute - executes another page, script or fetches external URL and embeds the received content in the output. 

method.gif (107 bytes) ExecuteEx - executes another page, script or fetches external URL and returns the content as string or binary data to the calling code. The code can do further processing, use the received data etc.


Classic ASP features with dummy implementation in ALP:

ScriptTimeout - cannot be changed from within a page. To change it you need to alter the ALP Application settings.

Classic ASP features not supported in ALP:


Transfer (ALP architecture does not allow Transfer method), 


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