VarioMenu VarioMenuItem object
This object represents a menu item anywhere in the hierarchy. The item may not be visible, it can be just a holder of other menu items. These objects form a tree structure and every item's children can be accessed by the Subs collection. By default an item is created as a normal menu item. If child items are added to it, it acts as their parent when menu is created. To specify an item as separator, checkable or radio goup you must change the Type property.


prop_r.GIF (130 bytes) Caption - String caption of the menu item.

prop_rw.gif (218 bytes) Type - Type of menu item - ordinary item, separator, checkable etc.

prop_rw.gif (218 bytes) Enabled - Changes the enabled state of a menu item.

prop_rw.gif (218 bytes) Checked - Changes the check state of a menu item.

prop_rw.gif (218 bytes) Handler - Name of the script function that handles clicking this menu item.

prop_rw.gif (218 bytes) HandlerNamespace - Specifies where to search for the script handler function.

prop_rw.gif (218 bytes) Info - User defined data, attached to the menu item.

prop_rw.gif (218 bytes) AutoCheck - Determines if checkable menu items are automatically checked/unchecked when clicked or this is left to the handler.

prop_rw.gif (218 bytes) Accelerator - VarioMenuAccel object that defines accelerator key combination for that item.

prop_rw.gif (218 bytes) Group - Represents the holder object of a radio group if this menu item is its member.


prop_rw.gif (218 bytes) Subs - Contains all child items.


prop_rw.gif (218 bytes) CreateSubItem - Creates new child menu item.

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