VarioMenu VarioMenuItem.Type property
Defines if the menu item is an ordinary one, separator, checkable item, radio group holder or radio group member.


VarioMenuItem.Type = TypeConstant


TypeConstant - Numeric value specifying each menu item type. It can be one of the following:

Name Value Meaning
mitNormal 1 The default initial value. Marks the item as an ordinary menu item with a caption and click handler function.
mitSeparator 2 This menu item is a separator. No caption can be set, nor event handler should be specified.
mitCheckable 3 The same as mitNormal but the item realizes on/off logic with a tick mark. Checked property is available for indicating the state.
mitRadioGroup 4 This menu item is a radio group and holds group's member items in its Subs collection. Each radio group member has mitGroupMember value in its Type property.
mitGroupMember 5 This menu item is part of a radio group.


Sometimes you can't change the value of this property. If you set it once to mitRadioGroup, it can't be revert to anything else - the onlt way is to delete it and create it again. Also, menu items that are created as children of a radio group holder initialy has mitGroupMember value in Type and it can't be changed too.

Applies to:

VarioMenuItem object

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