VarioMenu VarioMenuItem.AutoCheck property
Determines if checkable menu items are automatically checked/unchecked when clicked or this is left to the script handler function.


VarioMenuItem.AutoCheck = boolean


boolean - The default value is true. That means VarioMenu will change the state of the clicked item before it calls the click function. If the value is false - no action is taken and the handler function must use the Checked property to select the clicked item.


AutoCheck property is valid only for menu items which has their Type set to mitCheckable or for radio group members.

Setting AutoCheck to false can be useful if the checked state of an item depends on some external conditions which are evaluated by the click function and it makes the decision whether to check or uncheck the item. Also disabling autochecking is needed if the clicked item is member of a radio group and needs to know which item from the group was previously checked - the click function can use the Group property to get all members of the radio group and see which has Checked property set to true.

Applies to:

VarioMenuItem object

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