VarioMenu VarioMenuItem.Caption property
Sets or retrieves the visible caption of a menu item.


VarioMenuItem.Caption = string


string - The new text caption.


You should set the caption after creating each new menu item. Initiallay this property is empty. If you don't assign value, when menu is genrated and showed, a decimal number appears in place of the caption. This number is the generated Windows menu ID of this menu item. However if you read the value of the Caption property in this case you will get an empty string - the ID number is only showed, not assigned as a value to this property.

You can't set captions to menu items that are separators or radio group holders. If you try to set value in such case, you' ll recieve an error. See Type property for details on creating separators and other special menu items.

Accelerator key combinations are not part of the caption and are not set or retrieved from here. See Accelerator property or VarioMenuAccel object.

Applies to:

VarioMenuItem object

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