VarioMenu VarioMenuItem.HandlerNamespace property
This property specifies where to search for the script handler function if it is not in the main currently loaded HTML file.


VarioMenuItem.HandlerNamespace = object | string


object - Currently not supported.
- A name-value list string. Names and values are separated by '=' sign and name-value pairs are separated by';' charecter. Currently the following names are supported:

Name Meaning
frame The value specifies name of the frame in which file is defined the scrit handler function.


The interpretation of this property depends on the host application that uses VarioMenu components. Here are discussed the features provided by ALPFrame host. You should assign HandlerNamespace only if your page uses frames.


var item;
// .... -> item is assigned a value and represents menu item object
item.Handler = "OnFileExit";
// OnFileExit script function is located
// in the file where frame with name MainFrame is defined.
item.HandlerNamespace = "frame=MainFrame";

Applies to:

VarioMenuItem object

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