VarioMenu VarioMenuItem.Handler property
Handler property holds the name of the script function which is executed when the menu item is clicked.


VarioMenuItem.Handler = string


string - Text name of the executed script function.


The handler function has one argument and no return value. The argument is VarioMenuItem object which is the menu item being clicked. Thus you can assign one handler function to many menu items and take the proper actions depending on the argument.
Initially this property is empty. If you leave it this way, nothing is executed when the menu item is clicked.

If nothing else is specified, the click function is supposed to be in currently loaded main HTML file. If several frames are present you should use the HandlerNamespace  property to specify in which frame's file is the script function.


var item;
// .... item is assigned a value of menu item object
item.Handler = "OnFileExit";
// .....
// Executed when File|Exit is selected
function OnFileExit(Sender)

Applies to:

VarioMenuItem object

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