ALP ALPFrame Extenended DHTML model reference
ALPFrame provides its features through the window.external property - accessible for the scripts in a DHTML page opened in it. Page can be a result of ASP or CGI execution.

ALPFrame object accessible through window.external property has the following members:


InitMenuHandler - Handler routine for the menu intialization

InitMenuHandlerNamespace - Namespace (frame) for the init menu handler routine.

Menus - returns the VarioMenu root object. You are creating your custom menus under this root point. See the VarioMenu components reference for detailed information and ALPFrame samples.

  MainMenu - Main menu of the ALPFrame window. Contains a reference to the currently visible main menu.

  PopupMenuHandler - (IE5 and above) set handler routine for the menu events 

  PopupMenuHandlerNamespace - (IE5 and above) the namespace where the PopupMenuHandler is defined (frame for example)

  wndStyle - Set/get the Window style flags

  wndStyleEx - Set/get the extended window style flags

setWndStyleFlags - Set window style flags

resetWndStyleFlags - reset window style flags

setWndStyleExFlags - set window extended style flags

resetWndStyleExFlags - reset window extended style flags

zOrder - set the window z-order position.

sysColor - fetch a system color value (IE supports keywords for most of them, this is just another way to get them)

windowPresence - Set window presence - hidden/visible, minimized/maximized etc.

  visible - Set/get window visibility

  maximized - Set/get maximized state

  minimized - Set/get minimized state

  frameWindowRect - Set/get the window rectangle/position

  frameClientRect - Set/get the rectangle/position of the client part of the frame window

  MenuSelectHandler - Handler routine for the menu select events. This allows tracking the user navigation through the menus.

  MenuSelectHandlerNamespace - The namespace where the MenuSelectHandler is defined. 

  statusBar - Show/hide the status bar


SetForeground - Set the window foreground

CreateMiscObject - Create some of the ALPFrame internal objects - POINT, RECT

MoveFrameWindow - Moves the ALPFrame window

DisplayPopupMenu - Displays a popup menu at the coordinates specified.

Print - Prints the page(s).

ToScreen - Translates the coordinates to screen coordinates.

ToClient - Translates the screen coordinates to client (work area) coordinates.

Copy - copy the current selection to the clipboard.

Cut - Cut the current selection to the clipboard.

Paste - Paste from the clipboard

Refresh - Refresh the ALPFrame window

SaveAs - Invokes the Save As dialog box

SelectAll - Selects the entire page

ShowProperties - Shows the properties of the HTML page opened in the ALPFrame window.

Stop - Stop the navigation process.

Undo - Undo previous user action.

CloseWindow - Closes the current browser window without warning messages.

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