ALP windowPresence property
This property is wrapper for the ShowWindow Win32 API function. It allows you to do certain actions with the window such as: minimize. maximize. show, hide and so on. Some of the most useful actions are also available through special Boolean properties see: visible, maximized, minimized.

Syntax and description

external.windowPresence - write only, long integer. Changes (invokes) the window presence state. Example:
external.windowPresence = SW_SHOWMAXIMIZED;
Shows and maximizes the ALPFrame window.
Constants are defined in the alpframehelpers.js script file with the same names as in the Win32 API. Consult the MSDN library for detailed description.
List of the constants:

SW_HIDE = 0 Hides the window
SW_SHOWNORMAL = 1 Activates and shows the ALPFrame window.
SW_NORMAL = 1 see previous.
SW_SHOWMINIMIZED = 2 Activates and minimizes the ALPFrame window (not very useful).
SW_SHOWMAXIMIZED = 3 Activates and maximizes the ALPFrame window.
SW_MAXIMIZE = 3 Maximizes the ALPFrame window
SW_SHOWNOACTIVATE = 4 Minimizes the ALPFrame window but does not activate it.
SW_SHOW = 5 Activates and shows the window with its current size and max/min state.
SW_MINIMIZE = 6 Minimizes the ALPFrame window
SW_SHOWMINNOACTIVE = 7 Shows the window but not activates it.
SW_SHOWNA = 8 Shows the window without activating it.
SW_RESTORE = 9 Activates and displays the window as a normal window if it is in a minimized or maximized state
SW_SHOWDEFAULT = 10 Sets the window state to the initial/startup window state.


It is not recommended to hide the window without having another visible ALPFrame window on the screen that will show it on some user request.

Although you can change the window presence in many ways it is recommended to follow some design style considerations such as:
- Always inform the user that some part of the program will remain hidden.
- Do not change the window presence without user request.
- If the window is "top most" and maximized this may be confusing for the user.

Applies to: external

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