ALP MainMenu property
MainMenu property is read/write. It specifies the window menu - the menu shown in the menu bar of the frame window. To set the window menu VarioMenuItem object must be assigned to the MainMenu property, by setting the property to null - menu is removed from the screen.

Syntax and description

external.MainMenu - read/write. VarioMenu MenuItem object can be set/get to/from the property. This object corresponds to the currently visible window menu. Value of null means no window menu.Example:

external.MainMenu = external.Menus.MenuTree.Subs("MyMainMenu");
This line assigns (shows) window menu defined previously in the menu tree.


ALPFrame uses VarioMenu component to hold the menus defined by the page(s). All the menus are kept in one tree of menu item objects. Thus management of the menus is centralized and all the menus used by the page/application including the shortcut menus are held in one storage. It structure is homogenous - you are able to display any part of it as menu bar by assigning it to the MainMenu propery. Review the VarioMenu documentation to learn more about how the menus are kept by the VarioMenu component.

Applies to: external

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