ALP DisplayPopupMenu method
DisplayPopupMenu method shows a pop up menu passed as parameter on the screen and allows the user to select items from it. Method returns immediately and your page is notified later for the user selection by calling the handler function for the selected item.

Syntax and description 

external.DisplayPopupMenu( menu, x, y ) - Shows as pop up menu the menu tree under the passed menu item


menu - VarioMenuItem object from the menu tree (see also the MenuTree property). The object must be present in the collections under the MenuTree property. You can pass as parameter some of the menu pop up-s of the main menu (if you have one) or separately created menu branches.

x and y - are the screen coordinates where the menu will be shown. Typically  event.screenX and event.screenY are used for parameters.

external.DisplayPopupMenu(external.Menus.MenuTree("MyPoups")("Popup 1"),event.screenX,event.screenY);


Popup menu supports the menu select notifications but does not support init menu notifications.

You can not show as pop up menu the menu currently visible as main menu but any part of it can be passed as parameter.

This method works on any IE version beginning with IE4. The alternative method (see PopupMenuHandler) is available for IE5 and later only. Choose this method if you want more compatibility.

Applies to: external


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