ALP zOrder property
zOrder property controls the window position relatively to the other windows on the screen.

Syntax and description

external.zOrder - write only, long integer. Assignment changes the window Z-order position. Example:
external.zOrder = 1;
Moves the window to the to the foreground,
Meaning of the assigned values:
-1 - Moves the ALPFrame window to the bottom/back of all the windows.
0 - Makes the window normal. Removes "top most" flag if it was previously set
1 - Moves the window to the top of all the windows on the screen except the "top most" windows
2 - Makes the window "top most" and moves it to the foreground (see also WS_EX_TOPMOST flag).


It is recommended to use this property instead of setting/resetting the WS_EX_TOPMOST flag.

Use the zOrder property if your application wants to change the window z-order position. It is not good application design style to do it without an user request.

Applies to: external

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