ALP frameClientRect property
Read/write property - obtains/adjusts the client area of the ALPFrame window. This property can be used to resize the frame window according to the desired client size. The size of the entire window will be calculated over the passed client size.

Syntax and description

external.frameCleintRect - read/write property. 
Returns rectangle with the ALPFrame client coordinates - usually (0,0,Xsize,Ysize).
Accepts (on writting) Point or Rect object. If Rect object is passed as parameter only the size of the passed rectangle is meaningful (i.e. the difference between right and left and bottom and top sides). If Point is passed then x and y coordinates of the point are assumed to be the new size (width and height) of the client.
var pt = external.CreateMiscObject("POINT");
pt.x = 400; pt.y = 300;
external.frameClientRect =  pt;
Resizes the ALPFrame window so that the client rectangle becomes 400x300 in size.


Setting a new size for the ALPFrame window client does not move the frame window - only its size will change.

Applies to: external

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