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ALP is implemented as an Asynchronous Pluggable Protocol. It acts like a WEB server but without need of network. It executes WEB applications such as ASP pages and CGI applications. ALP makes Internet Explorer to be server and client. With ALP you can write stand-alone desktop applications, CD-ROM autoruns, use ASP for pure desktop software and still keep your code ready to run on WEB servers too.
Write desktop software in ASP and CGI!
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HTML Parser Light

Parse HTML content to a document tree, change it regenerate it. Wtih this component you can do what the browsers do - understand the page. Can be used for development of HTML template systems, indexing of HTML content and many other tasks.

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Barcode ActiveX? Much more - the design and printing inside your WEB application
SQLite3 COM ActiveX embeds the SQLite3 database engine and interface to it. Supports paremeterized views and triggers.
Active Local Pages 1.2
Write desktop apps in ASP and CGI. Create wutorun CDs using WEB technologies - yes it is possible!
ActiveX Pack1 family
Desktop Windows, CE/CE.NET and PocketPC! About 50 powerful components for all the Windows platforms.
AXGate 1.1 (new)
Script dafely any ActiveX in Pocket IE. Build applications in HTML and use local resources and components in them.
IE ScriptBar
Create complex toolbars for Microsoft Internet Explorer easier than you may have expected.

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 newObjects IE ScriptBar   
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How the coding looks?
IE ScriptBar and ALP
Development Template Demo (ZIP 620k)
IEScriptBar with ALP (Zip 1.2 MB)
Download examples
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The newObjects IE ScriptBar samples published here are fully functional applications with installer and some additional files where needed. Note that the installed sample toolbars are not visible by default! After installing a sample you will need to go to the View->Toolbars menu in Microsoft Internet Explorer and enable the toolbar.

The samples are structured in a common fashion. All samples contain an Install directory which contains the sample toolbar's installation and implementation files. The README.HTM in the root directory of the archives explains the additional details. Some samples contain other directories where are the files that are not part of the sample toolbar but are used indirectly. For instance there may be a server contacted by the toolbar and you will find the files that implement it in a separate directory in the archive - see the sample's README.HTM for details.

Note that nor the Samples nor the Demo include the documentation! You need to download it separately - it is included in the newObjects Development Library (lookup "IE toolbar" in the index or see the newObjects IE ScriptBar in the contents).

Sample 1 

This is more or less a Hello Word sample that demonstrates the basic startup steps only. You can use it to see the basics of the user interface design and the toolbar script cleared from any cumbersome code. You can also try changing/extending the sample by writing something more into its files while learning the basics. The sample does not include any menu oriented code or complex usage of run-time library objects.

Download it (ZIP)

Sample 2

This is a more complicated sample. It implements an advertising toolbar which downloads its adverts from a server. We have a working sample server for it, but the files that implement the server are included and you can install yours on any IIS/PWS machine and change the sample code to ask it.

The sample involves usage of several components from the run-time library. It has a database, manages a http connection in a background thread and uses UDS data to transfer the images and their information. If the way it implements the data transfer looks inconvenient for you - get the Sample 3 which implements the same functionality in generic way (the images are transferred raw over a HTTP connection).

This sample demostrates that you can do a lot of things using the ScriptBar run-time library only. Even minimal the feature usage demonstrates techniques any complex application would need.

The most interesting point in this sample is the usage of a thread to run a separate script that performs synchronization of ads data. Using such a thread allows all the slow work to be done in the background so that the user would not be disturbed while your toolbar does something that requires more time and/or non-guaranteed connection with a server.

Download it (ZIP)

Sample 4 

This example is dedicated to the dynamic menus only. It shows how to create and dynamically recreate menu structures in memory and how to invoke them in response to user actions. It consists of 3 separate parts each oriented to a particular feature - dynamic creation, simple definition, nested menus.  

Download it (ZIP)

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