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ALP is implemented as an Asynchronous Pluggable Protocol. It acts like a WEB server but without need of network. It executes WEB applications such as ASP pages and CGI applications. ALP makes Internet Explorer to be server and client. With ALP you can write stand-alone desktop applications, CD-ROM autoruns, use ASP for pure desktop software and still keep your code ready to run on WEB servers too.
Write desktop software in ASP and CGI!
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Active Local Pages

Run VBScript as service

Also JScript por any other of course! The script behaves as scheduler and globnal system wide COM objuect accessible for all your applications on that machine. You can call it from ASP pages and schedule asynchronous tasks to be performed, ask for their state and much more.

Highlights of the day
Active Label ActiveX
Barcode ActiveX? Much more - the design and printing inside your WEB application
SQLite3 COM ActiveX embeds the SQLite3 database engine and interface to it. Supports paremeterized views and triggers.
Active Local Pages 1.2
Write desktop apps in ASP and CGI. Create wutorun CDs using WEB technologies - yes it is possible!
ActiveX Pack1 family
Desktop Windows, CE/CE.NET and PocketPC! About 50 powerful components for all the Windows platforms.
AXGate 1.1 (new)
Script dafely any ActiveX in Pocket IE. Build applications in HTML and use local resources and components in them.
IE ScriptBar
Create complex toolbars for Microsoft Internet Explorer easier than you may have expected.

Licensing types legend
(M) Single machine license
(U) Unlimited per-company license
(D) Unlimited development license
(S) Special type of licensing

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 newObjects Active Local Pages 1.2   
Price: $15 (M) $320 (D) Discount for resalers
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ALP 1.2 Full (SFX 3.3M)
ALP 1.2 Full (zip 4.5M)
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ALPFrame demonstration
Buy (per-seat) $15
Buy (developer) $320
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Licensing (read before buy)

For more information see the Active Local Pages site:

Active Local Pages is licensed in two forms - per-site (LOCAL licenses) and for development (DEVELOPER licenses). To determine what kind of license you need see the notes below:

  • LOCAL (Per-seat license). Applies to one machine only. With it the workstation is licensed to use ALP with any compatible application no matter if the application has its own (developer) license or not.
    Who needs it? Single ASP developers, end-users using shareware/freeware applications written in ASP/ALP, companies using ALP for their internal software applications and so on.
    Price: $15
    For higher number of licenses bought together (see on the purchase site).
    Purchase now
  • DEVELOPER license. Applied to the applications themselves. The companies that want to distribute their applications written in ASP/ALP will need to attach this license when they need to distribute ALP as integral part of their applications. You need only one such a license and there is no limit how many applications will be distributed with it and how. If the application is licensed with a developer license the final user does not need to buy any ALP license in order to use the application.
    Who needs it? Companies that build autorun CDs, software for the retail market, software for unlimited number of different customers, companies that want to present their software and hide the ALP engine.
    Notes: The DEVELOPER license applies to the vendor of the application. If certain developer builds a project for a customer who will be the official vendor the license should be issued to the customer (If you suppose your situation will be mixed - you will build many ALP applications under different conditions - see also the application license notes below).
    Price: $320
    Purchase now

Additional licensing opportunities for specific situations and requirements:

  • Source code license. Supplied as additional guarantee to companies implementing ALP in many production applications. Requires special agreement. Price depends on the refresh method/frequency and additional support required. Price for the minimal support (rebuild binaries and how-to-deploy assistance only) is $1560 (source archive refresh once per 6 months or more frequently if more important updates are made). Contact us for details.
  • Specific application license. The owners of development license can ask us to issue special license for some of their customers which gives the same rights as the developer license to their customer but for single application only. The price is $200 and 50% are for the developer. This license is for the special situations where the developer's customer wants to fully own the software built for him by the developer and wants it to be transferred to him with all the source code, responsibilities etc. In such case if the developer wants to keep his developer license its customer will need its own license. As in some cases the customer can be non-software oriented company or otherwise not interested in building other applications with ALP the application license will give him all the needed rights for the application but on much lower price than developer license. However if that changes in future (the customer decides at later time to buy a developer license in order to build/sale more ALP based applications the amount spend for application license (s) is subtracted).
  • Advanced support agreements. By default we provide the typical shareware support by e-mail. We always try to help our customers and we are trying to solve their problems even if they are not directly related to ALP. However such support is limited mostly to the ALP functionality and features. If you need extended support for your developers and administrators you can contract a special agreement that will guarantee that we will catch with your stuff when needed and help them with code review, specific tests and so on. Contact us for more information and price quotation.

Special note for the individuals and small companies who want to distribute freeware/shareware applications using ALP. You may avoid buying a developer license if your application is of certain type that will be interesting for the final users even with the requirement to download the ALP as separate download. However this means that the users of your product(s) will need to buy per-seat ALP licenses for their workstations. It is up to you to determine if this is suitable for your product(s). When you need to provide the user with minimal ALP engine download use this links:

Special note for the Magazines that have regular CD-ROM/DVD-ROM software collections issued with their magazines.. To publish the ALP shareware on the media you do not need an exclusive agreement. ALP shareware archive must be placed without changes in the package contents. ALP Applications published on that media must have a license (and redistributables allowed by that license) or must be freeware allowed only for the individual developers and do not include ALP as integral part (see above).

Old license types:

The Personal and Corporate licenses are no longer issued. ALP 1.1 and later supports them but such kind of licenses will not be issued any more. If the owners of such kind of license want to replace the license with LOCAL (per-seat) licenses this will be done for free and:

  • Personal licenses will be replaced with 10 LOCAL licenses
  • Corporate licenses with 100 LOCAL licenses


A sole developer or company that builds cheap shareware/freeware software may want to avoid spending money on ALP developer license - at least as long as the developer is not sure if the product developed will be well accepted by the users. Thus the developers can publish their software providing download links to ALP and leave the final users to decide if they need to buy LOCAL ALP licenses. However this practice is not a good-looking one for developers who want to present their software in better light and buying a developer license they no longer require the users of their software to buy ALP licenses nor even know that ALP is there.

Usually the developer license is purchased by the company/person responsible for the software products licensed with it. However there are many and different situations and sometimes there are other relations involved - us - developer - client. Sometimes the client wants complete ownership of the software and does not want to depend on the support agreement with the developer any more.

Developer spending (samples):

You are a developer and you will build application (s) you will distribute directly to the final users (on any media) - you need only one developer license - $(320)

You are developer and a client of yours contracts development of an application for its internal needs. You will support the application and develop it further. A developer license can be bought for you or for the client - $320. Notes: The application is for the client but you are responsible for it. The actual holder of the license is not important - if we want to stay by the book - if the client bought the license it pays for your work, if you bought the license the client pays to the vendor of the software. So the best decision is up to you.

If the license has been bought for you and at later time your client wants to obtain full source code of your application and develop it further in its own. You can:
- Transfer your developer license to him (in case you will not develop more ALP apps this is the cheapest way).
- The client can buy developer license for himself ($320). You keep yours the client gets its own.
- You can order an application license for that application ($200) if you want to keep your developer license because of other applications and the client does not need full developer license for ALP for any other purposes than that application only.

You are developer and you have clients who distribute the products you build for them to 3-d parties and the client is the official vendor. You can either:
- Ask each client to buy developer license $(320)
- Buy developer license for you and order application licenses ($200) for each application.
- Buy developer license for you ($320) and act as responsible vendor as long as your client does not need to be able to get the product you build and develop it further on his own (in fact this depends on your contract conditions with the clients).

Have more questions, want to be our partner/reseller - contact us.

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