Advanced COM Creator method
Creator read-only poperty

Returns the Pack1Creator object for the apartment. All the objects created by using it will be created in this apartment unless it is not registered in the registry as free-threaded. If other creation methods are used - especially those which bypass the registry the object will be created in the apartment even if its registration is free-threaded.  


Set creator = object.Creator


Set creator = object.Creator
Set obj = creator.CreateObject("object_ID_class_ID_etc")


When COMApartment object is created it creates internally a thread and initializes COM in it. Then it creates in the same thread a Pack1Creator object which can be used further to create other objects in that thread and apartment.

When the host supplied creation features are used such as Server.CreateObject or script language's internal functions such as CreateObject or new ActiveXObject the new object is created in the script's apartment. Using COMAparmtent object you are able to create objects in separate apartment and thus isolate them from the script.

The reasons to do this can be different. Some of the most interesting applications are:

  • You want to create object and call one of its methods from a COMThread object later. 
  • You want to ensure certain COM object registered as "both" in the registry will be created in a single-threaded apartment. For example ALP runs the scripts in a free-threaded apartment and the external objects created in the pages will be created in this free-threaded apartment if they are registered as "both". ShellLink object for example needs to be created in a single-threaded apartment if Internet shortcuts will be managed with it.
  • You want to create certain "apartment" objects but without registering them into the registry. Then Windows will not be able to determine where to put them and will put them in the same apartment. In ALP case (in pure autorun scenario for example) this will put them in its free-threaded apartment and they will probably fail at some point and this may even crash the application. So in this case you can create an apartment and create the object through it.

Applies to: COMApartment object

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