ASPCompiler Warning messages
ASP Compiler 1.1 documentation is under development. See also the examples.

ASPC Warnings

Warnings are non-fatal problems found during the build. In most cases they are indication for logical errors in your program or indication of syntax which cannot be converted without risk to VB. It is recommended to not ignore the warnings - an ignored warning may show a source of logical error which will remain hidden for a long time and will cause problems in specific situation in a future. In future versions we will try to extend the set of issued warnings in order to help to developers to analyze their code and remove sources of potential errors easily.

Code Description
0 Ungrouped warnings
See the warning description for details.
501 Syntax error
Non fatal syntax errors. In most cases they will cause run-time problems thus it is strongly recommended to correct them.
503 Unexpected directive
Issued when a directive cannot be applied to the next statement. This may happen if the directive has incorrect syntax or if it is not applicable for the following statement.
10002 Reserved name
Reserved name is used. For example this warning will be issued if you have variables with names equal to some names of the project namespaces - in ASP variable with name Request will cause this warning. If you know exactly what are you doing you can ignore the warning (some kind of programming trick) but if you do not want explicitly to do something useful by hiding a global namespace in a certain part of your code - then you should review the problem and change the names of these variables.
10003 Undeclared symbol
This warning means a symbol (variable, function or sub) is not declared. The major reasons to see it are of two general types:
- You forgot to declare a variable
- You are trying to use built-in language Function or Sub which is not listed or is disabled in the ASPC symbols file.
There are some Functions and Subs available in VBScript but not available in VB. ASPC will warn you if they are used in your code. The warning description contains more information about the symbol name and reason to issue this warning. Advanced users may want to edit the symbols file
10004 Class not found
For example it is issued if you are trying to create a VBScript class in a routine declared with the DLLGlobal directive. In general this warning code means that class definition cannot be found in the project or cannot be used in this place.
10005 Incorrect access rights
A class member, variable is declared with access rights not supported by VB. See the message description for details. Compiler will try to solve the problem but it is recommended to review the statement causing the problem and correct its access rights.
For example on of the most frequent mistakes is declaring an array variable as Public - i.e. using Dim or Public keyword. VB does not allow arrays to become public properties thus any array declaration outside a function, sub or property body must be Private. Compiler issues this warning because your code may depend on the public access rights to this variable and thus it may not be able to access it. Copyright 2001-2006 newObjects [ ]