ASPCompiler ASPC Samples
ASP Compiler 1.1 documentation is under development. See also the examples.

ASP Compiler samples are installed in the Samples directory. To reach tem use the shortcut in the ASP Compiler's program group in the Start menu - Programs.

Each sample has a README.TXT file describing the sample's specifics and purpose. Opening the sample in the ASPC IDE will open the read-me file automatically.

List of the samples (by directories):



configurable - Compile ASP page to DLL and leave some settings to be passed from the loader file

DbgTrace - How to use the trace messages from compiled/raw ASP page

DynLinks - Links list ASP pages. Compiling them to DLL

hello - A few ASP pages compiled to DLL. Points the meaning of some ASPC warnings.


component - Writing a component for usage in other pages

plain1 - Create a component from plain VBScript file

plain2 - Create a component from plain VBScript file 2

simplelib - Pack library include file (s) in a DLL


sample1 - A few different compile time scripting examples

xmltransform - Using CTS to generate parts of a page from XML files

HTMLTemplate - Using the ASPC's parser outside ASP Compiler - for HTML templates

Tutorials - The samples corresponding to the ASPC tutorials

embeded - Writting embedded Compile Time Scripts.

generate - Generate site from a DB

vb/component - Prepare a component for DHTML generation in desktop applications.

wsh/simple - Minimal example. Copyright 2001-2006 newObjects [ ]