ASPCompiler Glossary
ASP Compiler 1.1 documentation is under development. See also the examples.


Loader file
A VBscript or ASP file generated by the ASPC in the output directory tree in place of the original script file. Loader file creates the COM object which replaces the original script, initializes and executes it. In most cases you will not need to modify these files. Usage of  the Discard directive requires editing of these files.

Used in this documentation as a synonym of Function/Sub or a Property in VBScript class. It is assumed that a routine consist of executable statements and has an argument list.

Root class
The VB class created from the script code in the global part of the ASP page or other VBScript file. ASPC collects all the statements and puts them in a member of implicitly create class module. All the statements found outside any function (except Dim statements, routine definitions, constant definitions and class definitions) are stored in a public Sub named ASPCExecuteClass.

Global part of the script
All the statements in a VBScript file (or ASP page) found outside any routine or VBScript class declaration. When a routine definition is mentioned the words "it is declared in the global part of the script" will mean its definition is outside VBScript class definition. Copyright 2001-2006 newObjects [ ]