VarioMenu VarioMenuTree.MenuTree property
This property is the entry point to the tree of menu items. It is read/write and represents the root VarioMenuItem object in the tree.


VarioMenuTree.MenuTree = object


object - VarioMenuItem object that will be used for root element of the tree of menu items.


When VarioMenuTree object is created, MenuTree property automatically is initialized with default empty VarioMenuItem object. That means it can be used directly for adding sub items and creating the menu tree.
Changing the value of the property causes VarioMenu to release the previous root VarioMenuItem object. If it is not holded by someone else, it is destroyed.
You can't assign null value to this property.

Generally switching the root menu item object is not needed. This can be useful only if you keep a collection of different VarioMenuItem objects somewhere ouside VarioMenu, each of them root element of a separate menu hierarchy, and want to switch this VarioMenuTree object between these hierarchies. Consider this property as read-only in most cases.

Applies to:

VarioMenuTree object

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