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SetStorage method

This method is for advanced usage only. It is used when the SFStorage object has been created directly by calling Server.CreateObject("newObjects.utilctls.SFStorage") for example. In this case the SFStorage will not be attached automatically to any real storage resource and the application can attach it by using this method. After attaching the object it can be used as in all the other cases.




storageObject - Any COM object which supports the standard COM IStorage interface.


This allows the application to use the benefits of SFStorage object over any COM object that supports the standard storage features. The method is intended for use mostly with external objects but can be used of course with the low level objects in this library - SFDirStorage. However there is more convenient way to open normal directories using the SFMain object and the above technique is not needed for them.

What about the external storage objects? In difference to the IStream interface the IStorage interface is not popular enough among the component and application developers. Perhaps there are only a few implementations of it (except the standard implementations supplied by MS). However new applications may benefit of implementing standard OLE features because they will allow other apps. to access their resources (for example scripts that use this object). If you are developing such an application we will be glad to know about it and list it here.

Applies to: SFStorage object

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