Composite objects ContextName property
ContextName read/write property

Sets/gets the name identifier which will be used to pass the context between the objects in the composite.


object.ContextName = string
variable = object.ContextName


The context name should be set before any objects are added to the composite. The name takes effect when the object is added so changing the property will not change the context name of the already added objects. To avoid mistakes avoid changing the context's name during the composite management.

How the context name is used:

If the object is a script the context (VaryDispCtx object) is visible to the script as global namespace with the specified name.

If the object is an ordinary COM object a method with this name will be called with one parameter - the VaryDispCtx object. So if the COM object is especially written for usage in composites it will be able to record and use it further.

Applies to: VaryDisp object

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