Composite objects AddMember
AddMember method

Exposes a member from an object already in the composite. 


variable = object.AddMember( public_name, obj, InnerNameOrID [, flags [, ReqID]])


public_name - The name under which the member will be exposed by the composite. This will be the name of the member in the composite's IDispatch

obj - Object from which the member will be exposed

InnerNameOrID - The name or DISPID of the member in the obj.

flags - Optional, the allowed method behaviors:
&H01 - Property Put
&H02 - Property Get
&H04 - Method
Default is 7 (all allowed)

ReqID - Optional. If not omitted specifies the DISPID for the member. If not the ID will be selected automatically.

return value: The reference ID of the member. The member can be referred further using its name or this ID (which will be faster).





Applies to: VaryDisp object

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