VarioMenu VarioMenuAccel.Key property
Specifies the key for accelerator key combination.


VarioMenuAccel.Key = one charecter string | string | integer value


one charecter string - The charecter gives the key for these keys which have symbols. Upper or lower case is not importaint because this just selects the key used.
string - One of the followng predefined strings which specify keys without symblic meaning:

String Key String Key String Key
ins Insert from middle keypad divide / key from numeric keypad num9
del Delete " multiply * " f1 Functional keys
home Home " subtract - " f2
end End " add + " f3
pgup Page up " decimal . " f4
pgdn Page down " num0 numeric keys " f5
leftarrow Left arrow " num1 f6
rightarrow Right arrow " num2 f7
uparrow Up arrow " num3 f8
downarrow Down arrow " num4 f9
tab Tab key num5 f10
esc Escape key num6 f11
space Space num7 f12
printscreen Print screen num8
backspace Backspace key

The strings are not case sensitive.
integer value - The virtual key code of the desired key.


Assign empty string or null value to Key property to disable accelerator.


var accel = MenuItem.Accelerator;
// Defines Ctrl+X key combination
accel.Ctrl = true;
accel.Key = "X";
// Changes the combiantion to Shift+Delete
accel.Ctrl = false;
accel.Shift = true;
accel.Key = "del";

Applies to:

VarioMenuAccel object

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