ALP Session.Value default indexed property

Value property of the Session object provides easy to use syntax to the scripts. Through the Value property values and objects can be set/get to/from the Contents collection.


  1. Session.Value(key_name) = variable
    variable = Session.Value(key_name)

  2. Session(key_name) = variable
    variable = Session(key_name)


key_name - string that is used as label for the value/object being set/retrieved to/from the collection.

variable - any variable that can be converted to a value such as number and string or object. Object being set can not be an internal scripting object! Note (most important for the JScript programmers): If you want to save array in the collection use safearray (often called VBArray). See remarks section for more details.

If key_name does not exist in the collection VT_NULL is returned. Most script languages support the null values: in JScript it is the keyword null in VBScript IsNull function can be used.

When assigning Value property automatically creates the key_name if the key does not exist in the Contents collection.


<% Session("UserName") = strUser %>

    Dim obj
    Set obj = Server.CreateObject("Company.SomeObject")
    Session("TheObject") = obj

    var fso = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject");
    var dir = fso.GetFolder(Server.MapPath(".");
    Session("LastDirectory") = dir;


Value property manages the Contents collection and can be called a "Contents collection helper". Remarks for the Contents collection are true for the Value property - i.e. in the ScriptGen it is realized using the VarDictionary class form the newObjects collections thus it supports full collection features in difference of the Session object in the IIS ASP.

Applies to: Session object

See also: Session.Contents, VarDictionary

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