ALP RawSpool Content Generator
RawSpool content generator is used by the ALP engine for the transfer of the "unknown" file types. Unknown files are the files with extensions not explicitly registered with a content generator class (see File section in the InternalExecutionMap). RawSpool class does a binary transfer and sets the MIME type of the resource pointed by the URL. MIME type is determined over extensions map found in the section handled by the component (usually File section in the InternalExecutionMap).


Sample configuration is listed below:

         { File: (CG.newObjects.RawSpool)
            { FileTypes:
                ; See the global alp.application found in the directory
                ; containing the iewebsrv.dll for the full list
            } FileTypes;
        } File;

Sample above shows recommended values for the standard settings (see File extension subsections for details) and a sample set of file extensions configured with the their MIME types.

FileTypes subsection are the only specific configuration settings recognized by the RawSpool. It contains pairs extension-MIME type that specify what Content-Type header to return for the particular resource. The only exception is the * value - it specifies the MIME type assumed for all unlisted file extensions. Default alp.application file contains a map with the most popular extensions.

All values in the FileTypes section are of type string (see Configuration general syntax).

ALP applications designed for wide distribution may redefine in their local alp.application the map defined by the FileTypes section in order to be sure that the files in the application will be typed correctly if the local user has changed the global configuration. In that case copy the File section from the global/default alp.application and paste it in your local alp.application and make the changes required by the application.

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