ALP NOSC Recordset
NOSC SRecordset class is created through call of the SConnection.GetRecordset method. Recordset uses the connection established by the Connection object.

Recordsets are read only and are able to open only SELECT statements.

Sample creation and initialization:


Dim Conn,boolSuccess,rst
Set Conn = Server.CreateObject("newObjects.odbc.SConnection")
boolSuccess = Conn.Open("DRIVER={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};DBQ=" & ServerMapPath("mydb.mdb"))
If boolSuccess Then
  Set rst = Conn.GetRecordset()
  boolSuccess = rst.Open("SELECT * FROM Orders")
  If boolSuccess Then
    ' Do something with the recordset
    ' show the error
  End If
  ' show the error
End If


var Conn, boolSuccess,rst;
Conn = Server.CreateObject("newObjects.odbc.SConnection");
boolSuccess = Conn.Open("DRIVER={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};DBQ=" + ServerMapPath("mydb.mdb"));
if (boolSuccess) {
  rst = Conn.GetRecordset();
  boolSuccess = rst.Open("SELECT * FROM Orders");
  if (boolSuccess) {
    // Do something with the recordset
  } else {
    // Show the error
} else {
  // Show the error


method.gif (107 bytes)Open variable = object.Open(connectString [, type[, options]])
                [in] BSTR bstrSQL, 
                [in, optional] VARIANT varType, 
                [in, optional] VARIANT varOptions);
Executes the query using the connection established by the creator Connection object and prepares the recordset for cycling.

connectString can be any valid SQL SELECT statement string.

type is optional but can be used to specify the type of the recordset. Because the recordsets in this version of NOSC are read only it will be rarely needed and useful to specify the recordset type. Allowed types are:

dbrOpenTypeDynaset = 0
dbrOpenTypeSnapshot = 1
dbrOpenTypeForwardOnly = 2 default - used if omitted
dbrOpenTypeDynamic = 3

options this parameter can be treated as "reserved" for the future extensions. It accepts combinations of flags listed below but because of the fact that the recordset is read only they will not have effect or will cause errors.

dbrOpenOptReadOnly = 0x0004 default - used if omitted
dbrOpenOptAppendOnly = 0x0008
dbrOpenOptSkipDeleted = 0x0010
dbrOpenOptNoDirtyCheck = 0x0020
dbrOpenOptUseBookmarks = 0x0100
dbrOpenOptMultiRowFetch = 0x0200
dbrOpenOptAllocMultiRowBuffers = 0x0400
dbrOpenOptExtendedFetch = 0x0800
dbrOpenOptExecuteDirect = 0x2000

Method returns true/false on success/error. Check errCode and errDescription properties for details

method.gif (107 bytes)Close object.Close()
void Close();
Closes the the recordset.
method.gif (107 bytes)Move object.Move(rows[,moveType])
void Move(
    [in] long lRows, 
    [in, optional] VARIANT varType);
Moves the corrent record.

rows - number specifies how many rows to move. Direction and resulting position depends on the moveType constant.

moveType specifies the moveType see the constants below:

dbrFetchNext = 1
  Moves to the next record. rows value is ignored
dbrFetchFirst = 2
  Moves to the first record. rows value is ignored
dbrFetchLast = 3
  Moves to the last record. rows value is ignored
dbrFetchPrior = 4
  Moves to the previous record. rows value is ignored
dbrFetchAbsolute = 5
  rows specifies absolute position relative to the first record
dbrFetchRelative = 6 (default)
  rows specifies relative position relative to the current record

See also BOF and EOF properties.

method.gif (107 bytes)MoveNext
method.gif (107 bytes)MovePrev
method.gif (107 bytes)MoveFirst
method.gif (107 bytes)MoveLast
void MoveNext();
void MovePrev();
void MoveFirst();
void MoveLast();
Methods implementing most often used calls that can be made to the Move method.

MoveNext - Moves to the next record
MovePrev - Moves to the previous record
MoveFirst - Moves to the first record
MoveLast - Moves to the last record

method.gif (107 bytes)Requery object.Requery()
void Requery();
Refreshes/re-executes the query used to open the recordset.
prop_r.GIF (130 bytes)connected variable = object.connected
[propget] VARIANT_BOOL connected();
Read only property returning boolean result indicating if the Recordset object is connected to a data source.
prop_r.GIF (130 bytes)errCode variable = object.errCode
[propget] long errCode();
Read only property. Returns error code long value. The property returns meaningful value only after failure reported by some method such as Open. Error codes depend on the DB provider and are non zero. Can be inspected after DB exception too.
prop_r.GIF (130 bytes)errDescription variable = object.errDescription
[propget] BSTR errDescription();
Read only property. Returns textual error description. In most cases it is generated by the provider or the ODBC itself. The property returns meaningful value only after failure reported by some method such as Open. Error codes depend on the DB provider and are non zero. Can be inspected after DB exception too.
prop_r.GIF (130 bytes)BOF variable = object.BOF
[propget] VARIANT_BOOL BOF();
Indicates if the current recordset position is before the first record.
prop_r.GIF (130 bytes)EOF variable = object.EOF
[propget] VARIANT_BOOL EOF();
Indicates if the current recordset position is after the last record. When looping through the records the program should check if the EOF is not true. Item property can be used only over a valid record and will raise exception if the current position is not a valid record - that includes situations when one of the EOF or BOF properties is true.
prop_r.GIF (130 bytes)fieldCount variable = object.fieldCount
long fieldCount();
Returns the count of the columns of the result of the query. Can be used to implement flexible recordset usage without prior knowledge about the query passed to the Open method and table definition.
prop_r.GIF (130 bytes)Item variable = object.Item(field_name_or_index)
variable = object(field_name_or_index)
[propget] VARIANT Item([in] VARIANT varIndex);
Default, Indexed read only property. Returns the value of the column specified by the field_name_or_index in the current record.

field_name_or_index - Can be a string containing the field name or a number specifying a 0-based index of the column (see also fieldCount property above). Can be read only once for a given record.

prop_r.GIF (130 bytes)recordCount variable = object.recordCount
[propget] long recordCount();
Read only property returning the total count of the returned records by the query passed to the Open method.
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