Abstract utility objects  HandyCollection.RemoveByIndex method
Removes an item specified by its 1-based numeric index in collection. Indexes are formed in the sequence items were appended to collection.


boolean = HandyCollection.RemoveByIndex(index)

IDL definition:

[id(7), helpstring("Removes an item by index")]
HRESULT RemoveByIndex([in] long lIndex, [out, retval] VARIANT* pvarResult);


index - integer 1-based index of the item to be removed.
boolean - true if the item was found and successfuly removed, false if the item wasn't found.


When you remove an item from the middle of the collection all items that were after it change their numeric index. Note that if you use ItemByIndex property or any of the other methods that take numeric indexes.

If the item wan't removed HRESULT is set to S_FALSE.

Applies to:

HandyCollection object

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