ALP Glossary
ADO ActiveX Data Objects - most used DB API by the script programmers. Implemented in several components and running through OLEDB it gives all the required functionality.
Active Scripting Technology allowing Win32 based applications to run/use scripts in universal manner without knowledge of the script languages syntax. Realized as COM components supported standard interfaces.
ASP Active Server Pages - the most popular Active Scripting based Microsoft's technology for WEB applications
CCGA Component Content Generation Architecture
CG Content generator(s). Components that implement the native CCGA and respectively ALP applications such as ScriptGen, GateCGI and so on.
CGI Common Gateway Interface - standard supported by WEB servers. Allows WEB server to run external executables (called CGI applications) to generate the response content sent to the client side. Defines how the WEB server communicates with the process - how the client request is passed to the CGI application and how the output/response is returned to the WEB server.
Environment variable In this documentation stands by the variables available for the applications executed by the OS.
Jacked-Objects C++ component library used for CCGA and ALP realization
Jet Microsoft Jet Engine - Database engine provided with all desktop versions of Microsoft Windows operating system. It supports .mdb (Microsoft Access) databases in native way. MS Access office application uses it (through DAO)
ODBC Open Data Base Connectivity. Standard API that provides universal access to different database engines. In this documentation Win32 implementation is always implied.
NOSC newObjects ODBC Simple Components
URL Uniform Resource Locator - string/syntax used to point resources over the network.
AXPack1 family Refers to the ALP Run-time library which is also separately available under the name newObject ActiveX Pack1
AXPack1 Most often refers to the core of the AXPack1 family.
SQLite Freeware database available as free source code on The SQLite COM database implementation is based on this code and extends it with some COM related features.
Virtual site Virtual site or Virtual ALP site (or simply site where no mistake can be made) refers to the ALP feature - Virtual ALP site. This is a directory and all of its subdirectories that act as like a separate virtual WEB site. 
ALP Application When referred as ALP configuration or functionality feature means the ASP pages and other content that shares the same application settings (e.g. file type to ALP module map, settings for the module, timeouts, MIME map and so on). This is a directory and its sub-directories marked by the existence of an alp.application file in the starting directory or if that file is missing the (which defines Virtual ALP site) implicitly assumes ALP Application.


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