ALP RAW scripts (ScriptGen)
RAW scripts (ScriptGen) dialog:

Specific for the raw scripts are the libraries. These are files pre-loaded for each raw script (with this file extension) in this application. They can be specified as relative to the file location or virtual - relative to the site root (not the application root!).

  • If the entry begins with "\" the path is assumed relative to the site root (see and ALP site settings).
  • If the entry does not begin with "\" the path is assumed relative to the current file location.

Do not forget the raw scripts are specific ALP feature that allows plain scripts to be executed in the same environment as the ASP pages (e.g. instead of escaping the script with <% %> in this case the script is plain and any HTML content should be written using Response.Write). All the library scripts must be in the same scripting language.

See the ASP module settings for the meaning of Extended CreateObject.

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