ALP ASP (ScriptGen) - COM MAP
ASP (ScriptGen) - COM MAP dialog:

COM map allows you to specify your own (may be shorter) aliases for the COM objects used in your application. The map affects Server.CreateObject and the <OBJECT RUNAT=SERVER> tags.

This option is very important for autorun applications. In pure autorun scenarios some COM objects are used without installing them, so the system is able to create them only by ClassID. Creating aliases for them (most often the same as their ProgID-s) will simplify the application development. In autorun case the non-registered objects must be listed also in the alpframe.cfg file (see ALPFrame documentation for details).

Presets for the ALP run-time library and optional components are available. It is recommended to use one of them when using components from the ALP run-time library.

COM aliasing can be used for other purposes as appropriate. You can define aliases for any COM object used in the ASP and global.asa pages no matter if the application will be distributed using typical installation or will be some kind of autorun without installation. For example you can specify short aliases for the frequently used objects.

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