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See also: How to apply/use the ALP licenses

ALP is an engine and not just an end product. It can be obtained as part of an application based on it (final users mostly) or as separate package (developers mostly). Also ALP can be installed once and serve many different applications from different vendors or can be bundled with certain application by the application vendor. So, the ALP licensing reflects these needs and offers two license types - Per-site (also referred as local or per-machine) and Developer license

  1. Per-site license - issued for each machine. It is installed in the system registry and is used for all the applications running on the machine unless they do not carry their own developer license (which takes precedence if exists). With it the user is able to run any ALP compatible application on the licensed machine.  
  2. Development license - issued to companies and persons who want to develop/distribute their applications with ALP. Allows unlimited redistribution of the applications based on ALP engine. Development license allows the ALP applications to be packed with the redistributables files and sold or distributed as appropriate. For example this type of license is required for software like CD catalogs, encyclopedias, end-user applications. Other application of the developer license is corporate software for internal needs - developed internally or by external company.

With the developer license customer receives a VendorID generated over the customer's data. Both ID and data must be configured in the applications (in the files).

The per-site license is generated over the customer's data and is downloaded and installed in the local machine's registry. It is automatically applied for each application on the local machine.

Developer license comes with a password for the support site. Updates, tools and other resources are available for the customers on that site. Most of the additions are provided for free to the existing customers. This includes version upgrades to the next minor versions (versions with the same first number and greater second number). When it is possible and appropriate we will answer the support questions directly in the FAQ parts of the product's site. We provide support to the ALP developers and it includes sometimes code review and extended assistance. However the extended support outside the support of the ALP product functionality is guaranteed only on contract basis. Such a contract for assistance in your projects can be arranged between us and its price ranges from $1000 to $2000/year depending on the assistance level required. Please contact us if you are interested.

Do you need to buy ALP developer license if you want to distribute ALP applications?

If you want to bundle ALP with them - yes. If you do not need or you do not want to spend money on ALP at this time you can provide your customers with a link to the ALP page and they will be able to buy their own per-site license(s). This is good for freeware and some shareware products or if you are not sure if your application will succeed on the market and you want to investigate without spending money in advance. 

Special note for the Magazines that have a CD-ROM/DVD-ROM software collections. To publish the ALP shareware on the media you do not need an exclusive agreement. ALP shareware archive must be placed without changes in the package contents. 

For pricing information please visit our site  

Differences between shareware and licensed (registered version)

ALP 1.1 and later comes in only one form. The licenses remove the nags - the footers and the splash screens. 

You are permitted to try the unlicensed version for 90 days before buying a license (however there is no built-in time limit in the shareware version).

Technical note: As a side effect non-licensed ALP engine should not be used from a WEB server or another non-GUI application. This is possible through the NetProbe component for example. The splash screens requires user action and unattended usage is impossible without a license.

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