ALP ALP Install - configuration (TEXTS section)
This page contains a list of all the possible entries in the MAIN/TEXTS section with their default (English values). If you want to adopt and/or localize setup based on ALPInstall change/translate the required entries and put them into the TEXTS section of the setup.cfg.

The strings listed here are the built-in entries you may want to translate. Some strings contain %s escapes which are replaced by the setup with a file name or another non-language dependent information. You must include them in the translated strings in appropriate location.

; This section is a subsection of the MAIN section in the setup.cfg
    { TEXTS:
        ; Application specific entries. The following entries may contain the application name
        ; and other specific details you will need to change to match your application name, version etc.
        (string)WelcomeTitle=newObjects ALP Installation
        (string)WelcomeQuestion=This program will install newObjects ALP on your computer. Do you want to continue? Please close all active applications before you proceed.
        (string)FarewellText=Installation of newObjects ALP finished successfully!
        (string)UninstallTitle=newObjects ALP Uninstall
        (string)UninstallQuestion=This command will uninstall newObjects ALP from your machine.
        (string)UninstallEndText=Uninstallation finished successfuly.
        (string)InstallFailure=The installation has not finished successfully!
        (string)UninstallFailure=Uninstallation process failed!

        ; Texts used in the alternate setup dialog which is shown if AlternativeStartup entry is specified.
        (string)AlternativeStartUpTitle=Install or run the application from its current location.
        (string)AlternativeStartUpRun=&Run the application
        (string)AlternativeStartUpInstall=&Install the application.
        (string)AlternativeStartUpExit=&Exit (do nothing)

        ; General non-application specific texts. You will probably need to change them only in case of localization.
        ; If the setup is in English and you are happy witht the default texts this entries can be omited - the installer
        ; will use the default values. 
        (string)TermWarn=The installation is not complete! Are you sure you want to terminate? This may cause loss of data!
        (string)CfgNotFound=Error loading the configuration file of the installation.
        (string)NoSpace=There is not enough free space on the local hard disk. Do you wish to continue? 
        (string)VerNotSupported=This product is designed to work on Windows 98 and later and Windows NT 4 or later OS versions. You can install it on Windows 95 if IE4 was installed on the system, but some popular components may not be available on your machine. Continue anyway?
        (string)CantSaveUninst=Error saving uninstall information.
        (string)Failed=Installation failed somewhere in the process.
        (string)CantCopySelf=The installation program can't copy itself on the disk.
        (string)LaunchError=Error starting Internet Explorer.
        (string)RestartQuery=Setup needes to restart your machine in order to complete. Click Yes to restart now or No to restart later manually.
        (string)RestartFail=Setup was unable to restart the system. Please do it manually.
        (string)CreateDirError=Error creating directory %s. Check if you have write access to that location.
        (string)InternalError=Fatal internal error occured.
        (string)RightsError=Your accound doesn't have the nessesary rights to write to the registry. Log on as another user or preferably as administrator and try again.
        (string)LoadUninstallInfoError=Error loading uninstall information file.
        (string)InstallElementQuery=The file/directory %s is currently installed on your system but setup can't find if it is older or newer than the instance coming with this distribution. It is recommended to install that instance. Press 'Yes' to overwrite the curent instance or 'No' to keep it.
        (string)CopyFileError=Error copying file %s.
        (string)RegisterError=Error registering file: 
        (string)UninstElementQuery=Setup suspects that the file %s is not used by any application and can be unisnatlled but is not absolutely sure. Do you want to uninstall it?
        (string)UnregisterError=Error unregistering file: 
        (string)DeleteFileError=Error deleting file: 
        (string)CGPresentQuery=Setup has determined that there already is configured Code Generator for %s. Press 'Yes' to overwrite configuration with the  settings of the new Content Generator or 'No' to keep the old ones.
        (string)AlreadyHere=This module already has been installed on this machine. If you proceed the setup will overwrite it with version checking. However you will be asked for permission to replace the existing files. Click Yes to overwrite the currently installed files or No to exit. 
        (string)ExternalLaunchError=Error launching external setup program %s. Please try to start it manually after setup completes.
        (string)RestartRequested=Previous install/uninstall of this application needs to restart the machine in order to complete. Please re-run setup after restarting.
        (string)AlreadyRun=Another copy of this installer is running on your system. Please close it or restart your computer to ensure all previous install processes have finished.
        (string)NotLocalPath=Incorrect or not local path. Please specify a directory on a local machine or mapped network drive. Note also that for your safety root directories of your local drives are forbidden (such as C:\). 
        (string)UserCanceled=Setup cancelled by the user.
        (string)CantOpenFile=Cannot open file: %s
        (string)NoBaseLocation=No BasicAppLocation specified in the setup file.
        (string)AlreadyHereOlder=An older version of this package already exist on this machine. If you want to uninstall it before installing the new one click NO to exit this setup or click YES (recommended) to continue and overwrite it.
        (string)AlreadyHereNewer=A NEWER version of this module is ALREADY INSTALLED on this machine. It is not recommended to overwrite it. Click Yes to overwrite the currently installed files or No to exit. 
        (string)NoBasePath=BasicAppLocation is not defined correctly.
        (string)InstallerCaption=newObjects Installer
        (string)YesToAll=Yes to All
        (string)NoToAll=No to All
        (string)PrepareInstall=Preparing to install files
        (string)InstallFiles=Installing files
        (string)RegisterComponents=Registering components
        (string)AllDone=All is done!
        (string)FinishInstall=Finishing install process
        (string)UninstallFiles=Uninstalling files
        (string)PleaseWait=Please wait...
        (string)UseDefault=Use default
        (string)Select=Select ...
        (string)SelectPathHint=Hint: To create a new directory select one and append it with the desired subdirectory name in the edit box above.
        (string)InstallElementQueryOlder=The file/directory %s is currently installed on your system and is older (according to its last modification time) than the file which this setup is about to install. Press 'Yes' to overwrite the older file or 'No' to keep it. In most cases you should answer yes 
    } TEXTS;

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