Advanced COM Value
Value read-only default property

Implemented as VarDictionary object collection/dictionary. It is accessible for the application that creates the object and for the script running in the thread (as Creator namespace - see The script in the thread). It is intended for communication (passing parameters in the both directions) between the application and the thread.


object.Value(name) = value
variable = object.Value(name)
object(name) = value
variable = object(name) 


name - string or numeric index/key of the value


The collection is configured by default to allow only values (non-objects) to be placed in it. This prevents threading model issues that may be caused by putting inappropriate objects in it. If you decide to change the collection behavior and put object elements ensure they are thread safe. This means for example that no script objects (such as VBScript classes or JScript objects/arrays) should be put there. 

In general it is recommended to use the object with its default configuration. Experienced developers may overcome the limitation but they should be very careful to pass only thread safe objects - designed for free-threaded apartments (preferably components written in C++).

Applies to: COMScriptThread object

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