Advanced COM Timeout
Timeout read/write property

Sets/gets the timeout (in milliseconds) for the internal initialization and uninitialization operations.


object.Timeout = value
variable = object.Timeout 

The default value is 60000 (60 seconds). 


This value concerns mostly the Stop method, the thread termination when the object is released and initialization time needed to compile (but not run) the script when the Start method is called. Most methods that may require waiting have their optional parameters that specify how much time to wait the thread, this value is used where no such value can be supplied. you can lower it, but it is not recommended to use value lower then 5 - 10 seconds (5000 - 10000 milliseconds). Be aware that the machine can be too occupied sometimes and the timeout you specify may not be enough. See details about the uninitialization on the Stop method page.

Applies to: COMScriptThread object

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