Advanced COM Start
Start method

Starts the thread.


variable = object.Start(lang, script [, wait])


lang - String. The name of the language in which is the script code. For example "VBScript", "JScript", "JavaScript" etc.

script - String. The script source code.

wait - optional Positive integer. Timeout in milliseconds to wait for the script to complete the initialization. See the remarks.




If the wait is omitted or 0 the method will start the thread and return immediately. If the wait is greater then 0 the Start will wait the script to execute. This should not be used if all the work the thread does is implemented for linear execution, but if the script is designed to initialize and then the application will request actions through the Execute method it is reasonable to wait for the initial startup to complete.

We recommend at least 5 seconds for scripts that initialize only internal simple variables and at least 30 seconds for scripts that need to initialize external objects (for example opening data bases etc.).

If the wait is greater than 0 and the script failed to initialize within the specified timeout the thread is terminated.

If a script error has been occurred during the initialization the method will return False which means that the execution has been started but failed. After a failure you can check the LastError property.

Applies to: COMScriptThread object

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