Utility components Remove
Removes an item from the collection.


variable = object.Remove(key_or_index)

IDL definition:

[id(5), helpstring("Removes an item")] HRESULT Remove([in] VARIANT varIndex, [out, retval] VARIANT* pvarResult);


object - Previously created VarDictionary object

variable - (optional) variable that will receive a boolean value indicating the success status

key_or_index - name or index (1-based) of the item to remove.

True/false is returned on success/failure. VARIANT type of the returned value is VT_BOOL.


var success = vardict.Remove("Item 3");

Dim boolSuccess
boolSuccess = vardict.Remove(3)


In C++ projects HRESULT returned can be used to determine success - S_OK is returned on success and S_FALSE on failure (if the key_or_index was not found in the collection).

Applies to: VarDictionary

See also: Item property, Add method


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